Friday, August 22, 2008

Second Monthly Test

Another month has passed, and with it another inevitable blood test. Test number two was just as awesome as the last few, with my hcGlevels staying at less than two!!! I'm do for the third test Sept.9, followed by a Dr's appointment on the 16Th, keep your prayers going and fingers crossed, that blood test are soon to be done every second month. I'm really looking forward to the once a year blood draws that I know aren't long in coming, but still there in the back of my mind, after going from once a week, to once a month, every two months, possibly six months, and then a year (for three years, just to be safe) the transition to a year is blowing my mind. I won't have the same comfort in reassurances that having tests done so often brings. I've about decided that when that happens, I'll be buying a few pregnancy tests every so often to do my own at home testing. I probably need to buy some stock before this happens so I can get my money back, huh !!!! Nah, I'm just joking, I'll buy mine at the dollar store!!! Cheap, but effective. After unlike others taking the test, I'm hoping for negative (any hcG levels 25 or higher result in a positive). But enough of that.

My oldest, Hunter, started kindergarten 2 weeks ago and after a pattern of good, bad, good, bad, good, he's finally settled on good. He's got the cutest "girlfriend" and comes home demonstrating exercise moves he's learned in P.E. He's really into the whole school thing as before bed the other he told me he was going to get up 4 in the morning to get ready. Imagine my surprise when I say him walk into my room a little after 4:15 and declared he was ready to get in the shower. Oh, no, I told him to get his hinnie back to bed. Two hours later, when my alarm went off, he was ready to go then as well. I am not looking for to see what Saturday morning brings, as I would like to sleep in !!!! Really, anything past 7 o'clock would do it for me. But I'm thinking, I'll be hearing the little pitter patter around 6:30 at the latest if I'm lucky.

His sister, Emilee is at a loss and I'm finding it difficult to entertain while he's gone. I think she's given up on me, as she's decided a spider building a web on the outside of the living room window makes for better conversation. My imaginative little girl, even dressed in her party dress, mismatching shoes, and put on a song and dance routine for the uncaring arachnid.

As for me, I celebrated my 26Th year in low key style and noticed a few more gray hairs. I believe I'll be seeing what Clairol has to offer in a nice brown, or maybe even a classy red, I haven't made my mind up yet. Maybe I will by my next post. I'm expecting less than two again. Talk to everyone later.

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