Saturday, April 5, 2008

The First Visit

December 12, rolled around and with it the long awaited doctors appointment. Having been through the first visit twice before, I felt like an old pro. I already knew most of what the nurse was explaining to me as she read from the booklet, pamphlets, and extra papers they prepare for the soon- to- be mom. I whizzed through the process of giving up 4 vials of blood for the much needed prenatal tests, and noticed with some mixed feelings that as I was embarking on my new journey of motherhood, my weight already had a five pound head start! Then it was time for the ultrasound.

A beautiful experience that was put off for a few agonizing minutes as the tech. looked at my ovaries and other female parts first before and I got to see the little peanut for the first time.
A kidney bean shaped looking thing in it's beginning life changing formations that seems to take your breath away from the moment you hear the fast paced rhythm of the heart beat. A security blanket in and of itself that right then sets everything in the world to rights. Combine the first look at my new child with the fact that I hadn't had hardly any morning sickness and this was the pregnancy all women dreamed about, or was it?