Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Six months cancer free

These past six months have been pretty good. Christmas has come and gone and the New Year is only two days away. Not much of note has been happening. Oh, my mom is a copy cat ;) She loves me so much that she had her own hysterectomy done nearly seven months to the day. What a great mother!!!! LOL. No, really, she did need it and is recovering nicely.

From time to time when seeing a new baby, Emilee still asks me why everyone has babies and we don't :( I always tell her that mommy can't have any more because her baby stuff was sick. But that maybe we can adopt one, or that she can have some when she gets married. But in a way giving her this answer feels like I'm lying to her, what if when it's time for her to make a family she can't! I know I'll tell her adoption is an option along with all the IVF choices they have now. How can I keep from warping her little brain into thinking babies are an option, when they might not be?

Time will tell, sorry to ramble on, guess this is like therapy for me.

Everything's going good. Talk to you again in March after my six month check up.

Many blessings