Tuesday, April 22, 2008


So far, I've just been leading you all along without revealing much of my numbers, here's how it's gone so far.

The week before the D and C -253,000- Jan. 25, 2008
The week after the D and C- 10,327- Feb. 6, 2008
Each week following- 9,737 - 8,898 - 10,418 - 10,895 - 15,901 - 14,799, this number was drawn minutes prior to my first shot of Methotrexate, a yellowish medicine that is injected into my lower end and feels like molasses being pushed into my rear. For the first 5-10 minutes, I walk with a bit of a limp due to soreness, but during the hour ride home, this goes away and I'm none the worse for wear. Following my first shot the number took two pretty good downward turns to 10,328- 4,552- but since then it's been real slow- 3,134- 2,909.

My nurse called yesterday and relayed a message from my doctor indicating that he didn't like the way the numbers were moving and if the last draw wasn't half of 2,909, we would be moving on to the bi-weekly IV treatment of Actinomyocin. I'm scheduled to see the doc at 11 next Tuesday.

Working by interfering with cell nutrition, Methotrexate is supposed to cut the level of hcG in half each time it's given. So far the side effects have been real minimal. I've only had a couple of mouth sores that weren't any big deal and one cold sore that hurt like H-E-double L-L. My hair has been thinning slightly, but there's so much of it, I can't really tell except when I pick a few strands off my shoulder or a plate when I'm fixing dinner. I'm not really sure what the side effects for the IV treatment are, I'll find out today, but I know it's not going to be as easy as the shot. I've been told by other women that the nausea is worse with this treatment, as is hair loss, one lady was on the IV for 5 months and lost half of her hair, mouth sores may be worse, as will the fatigue. But in the face of that, I was encouraged by one of my online friends, not to worry they "give you really good med", and she was still able to keep up with her 2/3 year old at the time.

While I may be hesitant to change treatments, it sound to me like my doctor is wanting to go ahead and kick this things butt without giving my numbers the chance to increase. To stomp on it while it's weakened and finish it off for good. I'll know more when I talk to him next week, but already I feel encouraged by his -take no prisoners- approach.

The latest count from all the blood work is around 25 vials of blood so far, adding in to it the bleeding during and post D and C. Yet, except for a bit of tiredness every now and then, I feel really good. Let's pray it stays this way!!!!

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